Social media could be very powerful for local marketing. This is one of the first steps that must be done well so that the strategy you do can run smoothly. Enough brands can mean identity, and that means how you introduce yourself and your business to the identity of potential customers. This includes logo recognition for the public, finding ways to let the public know your brand logo, and being able to associate your logo with the products you offer.

The creation of a good logo can begin by focusing on your goals so that your logo will reflect the brand. Determine which social media to use. In determining social media depending on your target market, it will decide what social media you can use. For example, the majority of users with various social media such as Instagram have users who are between 13-45 years old. While Facebook has more general users with a more even age range. This does not mean that we have to engage with social media with the largest number of users, because it will make it more difficult for us to reach the potential of consumers.

That is how developing a strategy for social media management marketing in local marketing that might help you to increase your brand awareness of your product or service. By using social media, increasing the number of sales will also have great potential, if you do it with a good strategy. The essence of digital marketing campaign is interesting and consistent content. Consistent and focused is the most important thing in Digital Marketing activities, a correct understanding of the sense of continuity and maintaining recommended content will help to find the right way and position for the expected goals. Attractive images displayed in the content will provide their own visual experience in the narrow screen of the computer and will provoke a response to react and interact from consumers.